In the series of how Leonardo DiCaprio fucks up in every film he’s in but the director always decides to keep it going.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio tried to make fun of his character with the line “I will just wait here”, when in fact this line was not originally scripted. James Cameron said that the line was “Too funny” to ignore it.
2. When Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is preparing to draw Rose (Kate Winslet), he tells her to “Over on the bed… the couch.” The line was scripted “Over on that couch”, but DiCaprio made an honest mistake and James Cameron liked it so much he kept it in.
3. When Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Calvin Candie smashes the palm of his hand on the dinner table, the actor broke a glass under his hand and really began to bleed. DiCaprio ignored it, stayed in character, and continued with the scene.

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Finally done with these! KORRA GANGNAM STYLE!! I am just really obsessed with this song right now so I decided to do something about it…Just some fun/stupid sketches for the Korra fandom. :) There’s a possibility these may be up for sale as mini prints at the Kamira booth for Sakura Con 2013. I had fun making these.

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Aight so, today I sort of stumbled upon this website. So basically the point of the website is to order milk and have a rich, white woman gargle it, spit it in a jar, then have it shipped to you. The website claims that the gargling of your milk by a white woman somehow “purifies” it. Very scintillating stuff. Above are some of my favorite shots from the site.

put me down for 20 gallons